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Blog Hacking? IRS Leaks? Is NOM Behind It All?

It all begins with scandal. The recent revelations that the National Organization for Marriage has decided to use racial triggers to drive a wedge between the LGBT Community and various minorities in the nation came as a revelation to some, and business as usual for others. So, how do you handle a scandal. One way is just what it appears that the National Organization for Marriage has done- create a counter-scandal.

This kind of false flag attack is stock in trade for NOM. They have often used these kinds of diversionary tactics to try and get sympathy, support and money.

Right now, the National Organization for Marriage is claiming that information that Mitt Romney’s political action committee had donated money to NOM had to have come from someone inside the Internal Revenue Service. If this was true, it would, of course, be illegal. Of course, we already know that Romney donated to anti-marriage causes, so such a revelation was not all that surprising. The Desert News reported that the $10,000 donation was made, and that was reported back in 2008.

The Daily Caller reported that:

Tax-exempt organizations like NOM are required file Form 990 with the IRS annually, which includes a schedule of donors who contribute at least $5,000 during a reporting period. This information is filed solely with the IRS, and the Internal Revenue Code requires the agency to keep the information confidential.

So, what happens next? NOM has their blog, Facebook page, and Twitter were all suspiciously hacked. Boy, security for NOM must be lax, huh? Either that or there’s some kind of witch hunt going on that only they can see.

As Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, The Duke of Ankh put it “My old sergeant always said ‘follow the money’.”

And following the money is as easy as signing up for their letters. The one that went out today said:

Over the past several days, you’ve seen the attacks leveled against marriage supporters—and particularly at the National Organization for Marriage, precisely because the work we are doing has been so effective, and our coalition so vibrant, diverse and dynamic.

Last week, I launched an aggressive fundraising campaign, spurred on by a generous (and angry!) donor who offered to match each and every dollar we could raise before next Tuesday at midnight, up to $200,000.

We are standing up to these attacks, and going on the offensive. If you can help us today, please make your most generous donation right now!

Donate now

I know this donor wanted to send a message to gay marriage activists that their attacks cannot work, and that powerful message has already been reinforced by men like the Reverend Senator Ruben Diaz of New York and Bishop George McKinney, a member of the governing board of the Church of God in Christ, the nation’s 5th largest religious denomination. We are standing united!

But this fundraising drive serves another important purpose as well.

These attacks are designed to distract us from our mission, and to waste resources during this critical year. With marriage on the ballot in five states, a presidential campaign that will shape the future of the Supreme Court, and legislative control up for grabs in Congress and in statehouses across the nation, our only limitation will be the number of people standing with us and the funds we have available.

Earlier in the week they stated:

As I told the press, “The American people are entitled to know how a confidential tax return containing private donor information filed exclusively with the Internal Revenue Service has been given to our political opponents who also happen to be co-chairing President Obama’s reelection committee.” It’s on the front page of the Daily Caller today (Thursday)!

You know someone else who has a copy of those IRS forms? NOM. You honestly think that a business isn’t going to keep ahold of their IRS forms? NOM has been losing money lately, having problems with getting donors, and largely become unpopular with people. So, how do you change that? You create sympathy. How do you create sympathy- make it look like people are bullying you.

Odds on are that all of this is an inside job. NOM is doing this deliberately in order to try and garner sympathy. After all, who benefits from all of these revelations and ‘hacks’? President Barack Obama doesn’t. Mitt Romney actually benefits from the ‘leak’ of the IRS form because not only can his campaign (and NOM) claim that Obama is playing dirty, but they can bolster Romney’s bona fide with Social Conservatives. Remember, NOM has endorsed Romney. This donation was already public record and would have come out eventually. By releasing the information directly, NOM creates sympathy for them and for Romney.



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One Response to Blog Hacking? IRS Leaks? Is NOM Behind It All?

  1. Brock Neeley

    April 14, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Here is the link to the Form 990′s for 2007,08,09&2010 on NOMs own website