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Boy Scouts Refuse To Reconsider Anti-Gay Policy- Again

The Boy Scouts of America has refused to change with the times, and continues to maintain that their policy of discriminating against lesbians and gays is the right path to take. GLAAD is reporting that the BSA have not only reaffirmed their discriminatory policies, but refused to talk to Ohio mother Jennifer Tyrrell after pushing her out as scout leader for her 7-year-old’s troop. Tyrrell is openly lesbian.

BSA Director of Public Relations Deron Smith informed CNN today that “Our focus is on delivering the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Our mission does not include teaching young people about sex or sexual orientation, and we do not believe it is Scouting’s role to introduce this topic in our youth development program.”

They do not have to teach about sexuality or sex, but that is not what the discrimination is about.

Tyrrell told a crowd at GLAAD’s Media Awards that “The Boy Scouts are supposed to have a platform of tolerance, acceptance, and support — values that drew my son Cruz to be a scout, and that drew me to want to be a den leader. Yet by continuing to dismiss gay youth and gay leaders from their organization, the Boy Scouts of America is failing these values, harming families and communities by sending a message that all are not welcome.”

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said “The only ‘character development’ and ‘values-based leadership training’ the Boy Scouts have taught our young people in this case is that blatant discrimination is OK,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “Tossing aside the hard work and leadership of a committed mom because of who she loves is not a ‘value’ that a majority Americans want taught to their children.”

With regards to the issue of Tyrrell being lesbian, several parents and grandparents had no issue with her at all.

Robert Dunn, another parent, stated “I’m not a city person. I’m just a backwoods hick, and I don’t think anybody around here have an issue with homosexuals. She did a wonderful job, and what they did to her was just horrible. When I told my son Jen was kicked out because she is gay, he didn’t know what was wrong because he thought gay meant happy. He’s just devastated.”

GLAAD reported that

Said Don Thomas, whose grandson is a scout in Tyrrell’s pack, said either he or his wife has been to “every cub scout meeting my grandson has attended, also to every function, community event, Salvation Army ringing bells, collection of food for the needy…etc. I do not know where you are getting your information, but never ever has sex been brought up, not in any way shape or form. In fact, I was not aware of Jen even being gay for quite some time…wasn’t an issue or concern.”

Said parent Crystal Sabinsky:

“The boys knew her as Tiger Leader Jen, not Gay Tiger Leader Jen. They are only first graders. Most don’t even understand what ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ mean.”

Said parent Patty Morgan:

“It has been brought to my attention that BSA is now saying that the boys were being taught about sex and other inappropriate subject matter. Those accusations are not true at all. I have three children in Scouts. My youngest Jordan, was a Tiger scout with Jen. Jen has been a great leader in our scouting family. I trust her with my children completely. It is sad that she must be defended against false accusations like these!”

Among service organizations, the Boy Scouts are increasingly isolating themselves with their prohibition on gay youth and leaders. Organizations including the Girl Scouts of America, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, as well as the 4H Club all welcome gay kids as well as adult leaders. And just this month, the president of the James Beard Foundation announced that she would rescind her acceptance of the Boy Scouts’ Distinguished Citizen Award, noting the Scouts’ policy prohibiting gay people from service and leadership.



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One Response to Boy Scouts Refuse To Reconsider Anti-Gay Policy- Again

  1. kent bailey

    April 29, 2012 at 8:38 am

    The BSA will slowly fade away with that attitude.I feel sorry for the boys in the troup who had a good den mother and was kiked out. The boy,s are the real loosers in this.