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Censoring Rainbow Christian T-Shirt Gets Ohio School District Sued

Those who are anti-LGBT often claim that this is about religious freedom. What they forget or ignore or just plain out want to suppress is other people’s religious beliefs. For Maverick Couch, that was an absolute. The Waynesville High School student out of Ohio was told that, on last April’s National Day of Silence, that he could not wear a T-shirt that featured “a rainbow Ichthys or ‘sign of the fish’ along with the words ‘Jesus is not a homophobe.’ The school principal ordered Maverick to turn the T-shirt inside out and told him that if he wore it again he would be suspended from school.”

Well, Maverick didn’t give up. He checked on his rights as a student, and demanded to wear the shirt again this upcoming National Day of Silence. He asked repeatedly and got the same answer- ‘no, and if you do, you will be suspended’.

Maverick didn’t stop there, he went to Lambda Legal, and “On January 24, 2012, Lambda Legal sent an educational letter to the school, something we commonly do in cases like this, reminding school officials that students are protected under the First Amendment. The School Board refused to change its position, arguing that Maverick’s t-shirt is ‘sexual’ and ‘indecent.’”

They have filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio asking that “the court to issue an injunction prohibiting the school from further interference with Maverick’s First Amendment rights.”

This is not just about Freedom of Speech, but Freedom of Religion. Maverick was expressing his views of Christianity, and that is something that many Fundamentalist Christians want to restrict. They want to make sure that people aren’t able to express their views on Christianity because disagreeing with their views opens up the idea that they could be wrong.



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