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Current TV Countersues Olbermann

“Turn about and bring the guns to bear!”

Current TV has filed their own suit against Keith Olbermann saying that they had the right to fire the man “rather than continuing to pay a princely sum while receiving a pauper’s performance.” Olbermann filed suit yesterday asking for up to $70 million. Current TV’s suit claims that Olbermann “completely shut himself off from the rest of the network.” They provided emails that they claim bolster their allegations.

According to The Daily Beast
”after a problem with an unspecified employee during an appearance by Michael Moore on his show, Olbermann wrote Joel Hyatt, Al Gore’s cofounder at Current: ‘Give me a name so I know which of them to kill with my bare hands.’”

Olbermann responded in a statement that “The Mets put Andres Torres on the DL today. That seems to have as much relevance to my lawsuit as the Current counterclaim I just read.” Patty Glaser, Olbermann’s lawyer and former lawyer for Conan O’Brien, stated “No merit, no defense—in our view, no problem. As Keith said, it should be subtitled ‘How to Try to Pound the Table … and Miss.’”



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