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Fox News “Mole” Misses Great Opportunity

Joe Muto, The Fox Mole

He has outed himself as Joe Muto, a former associate producer on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show. On Tuesday, he started posting video, photos and comments about his workplace on Facebook and Twitter. He was discovered and fired within 36 hours, because he made no real effort to hide where the posts were coming from. Gawker dubbed Muto “The Fox Mole” and Muto has some vague plans about going public with what he knows about Fox. Maybe a book deal? Maybe a Fox exposé blog? No one knows what Muto is planning.

What did Muto expose? Well, it seems that Mitt Romney can pronounce the word “dressage” properly and in Muto’s view that is somehow indicative of what a pampered puppy Romney is. Sorry, I can pronounce “dressage” and so can anyone who has ever watched an equestrian competition during the Olympics or any number of television movies or nighttime soap operas about very rich people.  He also posted pictures of an unacceptable “gap” in the walls of the bathroom stalls. Those were his two big news items from the inside.

What a wasted opportunity.

If Muto really wanted the world to know what goes on at Fox News, the smart way would have been to take a lot of secret video and photos over several months and store them off-site. Then, when there are enough videos and photos to show patterns of behavior and corporate policy, put them on the web as a whole picture of what Fox News is.

Muto’s little exposé raises a couple of questions. It has been demonstrated that conservatives practice “low effort” thinking. What Muto did and didn’t do seems to indicate an inability to carry an idea through to its best results. Do those in power purposefully choose “low effort” thinkers as their employees? Is it a protective device they use to make sure they never have anyone around them capable of betraying them?

Muto can expect to have the full power of Fox’s lawyers descending on him if he tries to take anything more into the public arena. He had a great idea and he totally blew it.




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