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ICE Sweeps 3,168 Criminal Illegals

ICE headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In an operation that covered all fifty states, Puerto Rico and The District of Columbia, over six days, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency arrested 3,168 persons criminal aliens and fugitives. This was the largest “Cross-Check” operation to date.

There were 559 “re-entrants” among those arrested. These are people who have been deported in the past and who crossed back into the United States.

The Obama administration has put a major effort into creating cross-jurisdictional information sharing, the ability to quickly identify illegals who have been arrested on criminal charges. These “Cross-Check” operations are a consequence of that effort.

The administration has focused on deporting those who commit crimes beyond being here illegally. The numbers are confusing and somewhat conflicting. What matters is the 1,477 arrested who had felony convictions for murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, terrroristic threats, drug trafficking, child abuse, sexual crimes against children and aggravated assault; the 698 who had been ordered deported but never left and the “re-entrants.”

There are an estimated eleven million illegal immigrants in America. The shift in focus from doing round-ups of illegal workers to targeting criminals is not intended to let illegals off scot free, but to remove from our country those illegals who pose a threat to our safety first.

Here in Vermont, three criminal aliens were arrested. It is estimated that we have around a thousand illegals in Vermont working on our dairy farms. Not only did Dubya kill the New England Dairy Compact that gave price support to small dairy farmers, but when the guest worker program was implemented, dairy farms were not allowed to hire foreign workers on 9 month visas. We routinely bring in foreign workers for our apple crop, with one orchard having contracted the same dozen Jamaicans for years now, but not one single person can be brought in to work the cow barns. It’s nice to have ICE verify that our dairy farmers have been very responsible about who they hire, especially since our state government has decided on a hands-off policy for these farm workers.




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