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Iran Finds New Hacking

Kharg Island in the Persian Gulf (north is right), satellite image

Iran believes that its main oil terminal and the Oil Ministry have been subjected to a very sophisticated hacking, easily on par with the Stuxnet worm that has created so many problems with their nuclear program.

Though their Kharg Island export facility is still operational, a virus has been detected in the control systems, as well as in systems within the Oil Ministry itself. The government has disconnected the Internet from all oil installations as a precaution. A crisis team is being deployed to deal with the situation.

Stuxnet has proven to be a formidable worm, even apparently breeding an off-spring named Duqu which as infected industrial processes. Iranian officials claim that only the most advanced entity could have produced such a worm, such as an enemy government.

Kharg Island terminal

The attack at Kharg has prevented the controllers sending the signals for loading the oil on tankers. Most operations of this kind are computer controlled at oil depots.

Whoever created these worms and viruses and managed to get them into such sensitive areas of the Iranian government is a genius. They are causing the greatest amount of harm to the government without hurting the Iranian people. Causing the government to miss announced deadlines for progress in their nuclear program is a costly embarrassment which has set back the start of the nuclear reactor by a year already. Causing delays in oil shipments disrupts schedules for customers. No physical harm is caused, just harm to Iran’s reputation.

Nice job.




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