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Justice Department To Monitor Wisconsin Primary

Technically, the Department of Justice sends hundreds of observers around the country every year to monitor elections, so maybe Wisconsin shouldn’t take this personally. On the other hand, since the state did pass a photo ID law which has only recently been halted by the State Courts, it might be personal.

Tomorrow, for the Republican primary and a few local elections, there will be DoJ observers in Milwaukee assuring that the state is complying with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and other federal voting laws. It can also keep an eye out for violations of Wisconsin’s voting rights, which are even stricter than the Federal ones. The monitors will keep an eye on the basics, discrimination in the voting process based on race, color or membership in a minority language group. Federal law does not include membership in a political party under its anti-discrimination rules, though it might need to at the rate the Republicans are going.

In addition to the Republican presidential primary, in Milwaukee, Mayor Tom Barrett is running for re-election. He also announced on Friday that he is running against Scott Walker for the governorship, again. His primary for the recall election is scheduled for May 8. Barrett has not withdrawn from the mayoral race.

As for the Republican primary, the polling is tending toward Mitt Romney, but Rick Santorum has said that no matter what happens in Wisconsin, he is staying in the race. Wisconsin would only give Romney enough delegates to top the half-way mark to the nomination. It is predicted that the primary will draw about a 35% turnout.




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