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Kraft Pulls Out Of ALEC

Kraft Foods, Inc has made the announcement that they were ending their support for the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC. The Conservative lobbying group has, among other things, backed state “Stand Your Ground” gun laws. The group ColorofChange has been pressuring companies to pull out of ALEC over these laws.

Kraft stated that they would not renew its membership in ALEC when it expires this spring and said that there were a number of reasons for their decision. In their statement they say:

We belong to many external groups, including ALEC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes growth and fiscal responsibility.

ALEC covers numerous issues but our involvement has been strictly limited to discussions about economic growth and development, transportation and tax policy. We did not participate in meetings or conversations related to other issues.

Our membership in ALEC expires this spring and for a number of reasons, including limited resources, we have made the decision not to renew.

ColorOfChange executive Director Rashad Robinson stated about this that “We welcome Kraft’s decision to stop supporting ALEC, an organization which has worked to disenfranchise African-Americans, Latinos, students, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. We reached out to Kraft months ago and have been in dialogue with them since then to convey the concerns of more than 85,000 ColorOfChange members who called on major corporations to stop supporting ALEC.”

ALEC is something of a bill mill. They write bills that they hand to compliant legislators who then alter the language slightly and try to get them passed. This is why a large number of laws across the country have almost identical wording. Among their largest supporters are the Koch Brothers, who are infamous for their manipulation of the political process across the United States.



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