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Mike Wallace and “The Homosexuals”

There is always the joke about how ‘things use to be better’ back when we were children. Well, there was something done better back then. . .and that was journalism. Thanks to the people at Philly Mag, the above gem came to light, and provides a window into something of the history of our movement, and ourselves. Back in 1967, Mike Wallace took to the anchor’s desk to narrate The Homosexuals. This was a piece that dealt frankly with these issues.

Philly Mag notes that:

Not only did the world get to hear from gay men, psychiatrists, legal experts and cultural critics, but the interviews were interspersed with footage of gay bars and a police sex sting. More sensational than one might have hoped, the episode was history-making – for better or worse. And while gay activists long criticized Wallace for creating controversy, the show certainly speaks to life before Stonewall – and even some of the issues that still persist for the LGBT community in mainstream media.

Our history isn’t nice, but hey, it’s part of who we are.



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