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NC Attorney General Cooper Opposes Amendment One

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has come out in opposition to Amendment One. The constitutional amendment is up for a vote on 8 May, and would ban all forms of same-sex union in the state. This is the first time that Cooper has weighed in on the amendment, and comes as broad opposition to the amendment has begun to grow.

Cooper stated that “I am writing you today to let you know I am voting against Amendment One in next month’s primary elections on May 8th. I believe it is unclear, unwise and unnecessary. Amending our constitution demands careful deliberation along with precise language – both are missing here. Amendment One’s lack of clarity will also result in a significant amount of litigation on many issues which will be decided by courts for years to come. This should be avoided. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Attorney General and letting me share my thoughts with you about this issue.”

Protect All NC Families campaign manager Jeremy Kennedy wrote in response “We applaud the Attorney General Cooper’s opposition to Amendment One. This support from the state’s highest-ranking attorney is proof that Amendment One, which could take health care away from children, put domestic violence laws in jeopardy, in addition to hurting all unmarried couples in North Carolina, has far-reaching, negative consequences.”



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