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North Korean Missile Launch Fails

What goes up must come down . . .and a North Korean rocket that was launched apparently broke up soon after launch. Or possibly it was shot down by the South Koreans, Japanese or Americans. The supposedly disguised ballistic missile was suppose to reach orbit and release a weather satellite into orbit. North Korea’s neighbors worried that this was a prelude to another nuclear test.

North Korea has said that they were sending out the satellite in honor of the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth. He was the founder of North Korea and the founder of the dynasty that currently rules the reclusive and impoverished nation.

NBC’s Richard Engel stated that “There is not a lot of information being disseminated at this point. But we did hear just a short while ago after the launch took place, after it was confirmed internationally, some martial music playing in the street, some fighter jets flying overhead. This is a national celebration time in North Korea and this rocket launch and this satellite launch, as the government describes it, is seen as a source of pride.”

The US Government did confirm that the rocket apparently did fail, but no one is confirming just how the rocket failed.



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