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Pegg & Wright Team-up to Write The Worlds End

First Page of 2nd Draft

If you’re a fan of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, you’ve likely been waiting along with millions of other fans for Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost to finish up what they’ve called their “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy,” with the project they’ve been calling The World’s End.

Pegg and Wright have promised they have been working on it for years, even as Wright jumped into the production of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Pegg took off to join the Starship Enterprise in the most recent Star Trek film to play the iconic Scotty. In January Wright tweeted a photo of him and Pegg brainstorming ideas for the movie, and now Pegg has followed up with a tweet of his own that reveals the finished result.

Simon Pegg at Supanova 2011 Q&A for Paul.

Simon Pegg

Still, this is an excellent sign and Pegg promises they’ll finish the script “once and for all”… “as soon as I get back from outer space.” That probably won’t be in time for the script’s mysterious release date– May 2 of this year, a.k.a. next Wednesday. It’s been far too long since we last saw Pegg and Wright team up, and the more they make it official, the more it sounds like the wait will be over soon. Cross your fingers.



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