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Planned Parenthood Suspects Sting Operation

Girl walks into a community help office, wearing a skirt so short you know she’s had a Brazilian and a chartreuse feather vest…no, she didn’t walk in wearing that. The Lula-inspired whore costume was for the set-up shots outside the ACORN offices, compliments of a suburban boy whose only contact with real whores was Stephanie Plum novels. Inside, she wore fairly normal clothes.

That was the first series of James O’Keefe sting videos, the ones that shut down ACORN. O’Keefe followed those up with a guy in a kilt and leather jacket pretending to be an IRA unit leader who wanted Medicaid for 25 illegal Irish immigrants, and a half dozen other attempts to prove how easy it is for criminals and the unqualified to receive government benefits. What is missing from all his videos is the actions of the employees after the scammers and their equipment leave. Public assistance workers are trained to never confront a client, for fear that client may be armed. They contact the appropriate authorities after the client leaves.

But the pattern has been exposed, from ACORN to voting using the names of dead people in New Hampshire, and it seems that anti-abortion groups may have decided to copy it.

There have been incidents at several Planned Parenthood clinics around the country that raised red flags for the employees. A girl walks into the clinic, claims she is pregnant and starts asking a lot of loaded questions about abortions. She wants to know about when she can learn the gender of the fetus, can she get a gender-specific abortion, how can she schedule the abortion if the fetus is a girl? The same pattern has occurred in at least 11 states and over two dozen times.

According to Planned Parenthood spokesperson Chloe Cooney, speaking with the Huffington Post, these stings have been attempted many times in the past. They are used to create bad publicity for Planned Parenthood and support the misinformation campaign about the services the clinics provide. She anticipates a new series of edited videos will be making the rounds to support efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

The lead suspect in this latest round of tapings is Live Action, a group which hires actors to play out a variety of controversial scenarios at Planned Parenthood locations. Fake hos and pimps is quite a popular performance. Last year, Live Action put together a set of very heavily edited tapes that made it seem that Planned Parenthood was enabling sex trafficking. Conservative lawmakers and media outlets jumped on the faked videos as the “proof” they needed for anti-Planned Parenthood legislation.

When you can’t get what you want with facts and truth, lie through your conservative asses. At least one ACORN employee has sued James O’Keefe. It is time Planned Parenthood hauled Live Action through the courts.




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