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RuPaul Stars in Biographical Comic (Revised)

RuPaul's Comic Cover

Mr. RuPaul Andre Charles, is better known as drag queen RuPaul when she dresses in Women’s high fashions & amazingly feminine, blonde hair pieces and then in the highest of heels entertains millions daily as his over-the-top and fabulous alter ego. Now the world’s most famous drag icon will be the main story in the latest issue of Bluewater ProductionsFemale Force biography comic series. (yup, she’s getting her own issue!)

According to Bluewater Productions’ president, Darren G. Davis, the decision to feature a male figure in the female-centric comic book comes from RuPaul’s refusal to be addressed as either.

RuPaul Andre Charles au natural

“He is comfortable in his own skin and is happy to let anyone within earshot know that. The fact he chooses his public persona to be female emphasizes that he stays true to his own concept of Self and that solidifies RuPaul as a female force.” said Davis of Mr. Charles.

Female Force: RuPaul (in stores in July) follows the self-described “Supermodel of the World” (also the name of one of her albums) from her time as an unknown artist to her first break in the B52s Love Shack video (look for the tall woman in white short-shorts with a huge black afro hair-do). The issue will also cover her journey to fame as well as the outreach charity work she currently does.

RuPaul is bigger-than-Life and can hardly be contained in the pages of a traditional comic,” said Davis, “That’s why we expanded this issue to 40 pages.”

Written by Michael Troy and penciled Nathan Girten, the issue also goes into RuPaul’s personal life as an openly gay performer and his many public trials and tribulations, including the 1993 furor in upstaging and insulting legendary comic Milton Berle on live TV and his cult-like following for his reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”.

Both sides of RuPaul

Personally it will be nice to finally know where this wonderful drag queen came from, because we know where she is going. All The Way To The Top…because she likes the view from there. ;D

If you haven’t heard of Female Force before, no worries. I was recently unaware of it myself. It happened completely by chance that it came across my desk. But I’m so glad that it did. Here is what I found out.

“Female Force offers a broad examination of strong and influential women who are shaping modern history and culture. In past issues, the monthly series has featured Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Cher, Oprah Winfrey, Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, Barbara Walters and others.”

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