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Scott Walker Soliciting Out-of-State Support Again

Governor Scott Walker, photo by AP

Somedays, you have to wonder if Governor Scott Walker is surrounded by total nincompoops for election advisors or if he is one. After going on Fox News to whine about all the “out-of-state money” from national unions being used to unseat him, he keeps going out-of-state to solicit support and donations. It’s a little hard to make Wisconsinites upset about out-of-state money when you keep being filmed begging for it yourself.

Walker’s latest venue is the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri. It is Walker’s second best kind of crowd, after anti-union billionaires. Before he spoke, Walker was awarded an NRA “Defender of Freedom” award, which he got for making Wisconsin the 49th state to have a concealed carry with permit law. (By the way, Vermont, the “most socialist-libtard state in the Union” has no gun control laws except the Federal ones.) Wisconsin has a 48-hour waiting period on handguns and a permit is required for concealed carry.

Walker told an audience of about 5,500 in the Edward Jones Dome that “I am proud to have a rifle, a shotgun and even a bow.” The NRA claims that 70,000 people will attend their convention this weekend.

Walker spoke on Friday, before Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, failed candidate Newt Gingrich and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. The NRA is considered pure Republican territory, though Democratic Presidential candidates have been known to make the attempt at wooing them. The present position in the Republican Party is that President Obama is coming to take their guns away, any day now, just you wait, it’s going to happen, don’t be fooled by the fact that he’s never said buttkiss about gun control not even after that little incident in Tucson, no sirree, he’s coming to take them away.

Walker did his usual routine, telling the crowd, “The advocates of big government view me as a threat. They want to take me out. Our opponents are targeting me because I stand in their way of getting their hands on money and power.” No, not really. They are targeting him because he gave away a billion dollars in tax cuts to his supporters while cutting a billion dollars out of education, roads, police departments, fire departments and, just incidentally, trying to limit voting rights and destroy public sector unions. But, never let a few facts get in the way of begging for money from anyone dumb enough to hand it over. After all, if it doesn’t pay for his recall election, it can always go to his legal defense fund for the ethics investigation that’s closing in on him.

Most politicians who are up to their asses in felony charges brought against their election campaign and office staffs, who are trying to play the victim being done to death by national powers, don’t repeatedly junket out of state to solicit funds from national powers. But Scott Walker isn’t most politicians. He’s either one of history’s dumbest or one of it’s most blindly arrogant.



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One Response to Scott Walker Soliciting Out-of-State Support Again

  1. adamas

    April 15, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Kinda both. It takes a special bread of stupidity to be that arrogant, especially when you’re looking a lot like a pig during sausage making time.