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Take That Rep Steve King: Old Lady K/O’s Iowa Rep.

Rep. Steve King, Iowa

Republicans are learning a very hard lesson- women are not going to simply lay back and take it. For thirty years, Republicans have quietly waged a social war against women, gays, and minorities, but the sudden arrival of the Tea Party ripped a lot of those niceties away and showed that the Tea Party- and the Republican Party for which the Tea Party is the base, are anti-LGBT, anti-woman and anti-Minority in all their ugliness.

As MSBlog notes:

Socially conservative Iowa-based group FAMiLY Leader has been pressuring the state legislature to deny any taxpayer money to Iowa’s 23 Planned Parenthood centers. The money Planned Parenthood receives from the state covers preventive healthcare, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, pap smears and prenatal care. None of it covers abortions. This is a fact the GOP has also decried as a “myth” or “lie” or, simply, a fact they’d rather not acknowledge—to the detriment of low-income women and their health. We’ve already seen it play out in Texas, where Gov. Rick Perry’s stubborn, self-appointed mission to “protect the unborn” has disenfranchised 130,000 already-born women.

So, of course, what does it come down to? Well, Shirley Grant decided to take on Repersentative Steve King, and she managed to hit him hard. She said:

My daughter says, “Throw out the word ‘birth control,’ Mom. Planned Parenthood isn’t that.” She says it is for hormone replacement, and that means you use those pills for many, many, many different areas of women’s lives. I find it very offensive that men think they can tell women what to do with their own life. I think the political arena is making a big mistake when they don’t work with Planned Parenthood, instead of against it. They do so many good things.

So. . .ladies and gentlmen- welcome to the War on Women. . .and we’re gonna win this thing!



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One Response to Take That Rep Steve King: Old Lady K/O’s Iowa Rep.

  1. All women

    April 13, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Rep King, You should be ashamed of your response in the town hall meeting.

    The older woman was trying to tell you the positive things planned parenthood does for low income women, including hormone replacement therapy. (do u even have any clue what that is?…doubt it)

    Ur response to her was a slap in the face to ALL women, there was no talk about abortions until that was all u could come up with for a response in Ur peanut brain.

    The money given to planned parenthood helps low income women receive prenatal healthcare, cervical cancer screenings, and hormone replacement therapy.

    Women who exercise their legal right to terminate their pregnancy at planned do so and pay for the procedure out if their own pocket. They could also get this procedure done at a more expensive clinic thy cannot afford, or unsafe back door abortions by unlicensed providers, or worse yet a self inflicted wire hanger abortion.

    U should really get informed about what planned parenthood does for your constituents, and not slap them in the face with a ignorant, disrespectful, unwarranted comment about asking someone if thy know how many abortions were performed there.

    The woman OWNED u and you looked like a total ass.