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Tony Perkins Attacks Mitt Romney As Pro-LGBT

As far as we know, Mitt Romney refuses to take the 69 and 99 positions, but other than that, everything else seems to be fair game with him. Ok, we don’t actually know anything about this man’s sex life and we really don’t want to know, but over the course of his political career he has been for and against everything. He was for LGBT rights back when he ran against Ted Kennedy, and against them when he ran against Rick Santorum.

You’ll have to visit ThinkProgress to see how that all went down.

Well, Romney’s apparent victory in the Republican Primary has shown the division in the anti-LGBT crowd. Today, Tony Perkins attacked Romney saying that he supports “special employment rights based upon sexual behavior” and that Romney “has a record that does not match his rhetoric.” Earlier today, NOM endorsed Romney.

Have fun guys.



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