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Washington Catholic Priest Claims Marriage “Created And Defined By God”

Whenever a pastor or minister makes the argument that marriage was “created and defined by God”, you know that his argument is invalid and even unconstitutional. That is the argument being made by Reverend Kurt Nagel of Holy Family Parish in Washington State. He is planning on allowing his church to be used to gather signatures on Referendum 74, which would reverse same-sex marriage in that state.

Nagel said “It is very rare that the Catholic Church allows such political activity on her property (you may remember a similar process some years ago regarding an initiative on abortion). It only happens when the political issue touches upon a clear and important teaching of the church.”

Which is a lie, of course. As much as Nagel wants to claim that this is going to be about religious freedom, it is actually about opposing religious tyranny.

Nagel also stated that those who oppose legal civil marriage for same-sex couples ““are being called ‘bigots’ by some,” but he maintains that they are “two completely different ways of looking at the issue. The Catholic Church does not believe that people with same sex attraction are inferior. It is sometimes said to support the charge of bigotry that the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual persons are ‘disordered’. That is not true.”

He went on to say “It is true that the sexual DESIRES for persons of the same sex are disordered. That is, such desires are not ORDERED, or aimed, at the right end or goal. But we all have disordered desires — in terms of sex, food, power, money, etc. That is because, although made in the image and likeness of God, we are also fallen creatures.”

Here in is where he mistakes what bigotry is about. When you call the natural actions and desires of someone disordered, you call the individual disordered. That is bigotry. It is no different than calling Catholics evil because they practice ritualized cannibalism, and that has no basis in natural actions or desires, but religious beliefs.

According to

Nagel argued that “homosexual persons” already have “the legal benefits of marriage” — thanks to the Domestic Partnership law enacted when Washington voters approved Referendum 71 in 2009.

“So our opposition to redefining marriage is not now a matter of denying anyone legal rights,” Nagel told parishoners.

He acknowledged that the Washington State Catholic Conference opposed the 2009 Domestic Partnership law, as “obviously” a step toward legalizing marriage and “in part because we don’t believe such sexual relationships encourage the best lives and greatest happiness for homosexual persons.”

“The Catholic Church believes that creating this new legal and social institution of domestic partnerships is, on balance, not wise,” Nagel said. “But it is doable. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, believes that Gay MARRIAGE is simply not possible.”

“Like the Resurrected Body of Jesus, so the definition of marriage as necessarily between a man and a woman, is an objective fact: part of the reality of the universe, whether we believe it or not.”

“Marriage is not a man-made institution, as domestic partnerships are. Marriage was created and defined by God. It’s not changeable in this way, even if human law says that it is.”

Actually, marriage is a man-made institution, and has been practiced in some form among almost every single culture on the face of the planet, and long before Christianity even sought to define marriage some 500 years after the birth of Christ. There were those among the early founders of Christianity who argued that marriage was sinful and should be abolished. In the United States, it was not until the founding of the nation that Catholics could get married since British law prevented non-Anglicans from marrying anywhere other than in the Anglican Church, and that meant converting to Anglicanism, which many Catholics would not do.

Almost every attempt to define marriage has come with this attempt to limit it to Christianity. This is a very ethnocentric view of marriage, and is completely incorrect.



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5 Responses to Washington Catholic Priest Claims Marriage “Created And Defined By God”

  1. Lalita

    May 1, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    Marriage was defined by God in Genesis: The woman got to toil alongside the man as his “helpmeet” and “bondswoman” (slave) and at the end of the day, the man got to screw the woman, who gave birth to an endless stream of children in suffering.

    Thing is this: We’ve been “redefining” marriage since this myth was committed to paper.

    Just sayin’

  2. bhurley

    April 26, 2012 at 12:01 am

    The basic fact is that those who want to expand the definition of marriage to include people of the same gender, argue that it is a fundamental right worthy of constitutional protection. It was John F. Kennedy who said it best: “the rights of man comes not from the generosity of the state, but from the hands of God.” Innagural address Jan. 20, 1961.

  3. Wayne

    April 25, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    “God created” so many different marriages, it’s difficult to keep track. First, he created the incestuous marriage of Adam and Eve; Then he created Joshua’s marriage to 2 women and Abraham’s to as many as 5. Then he created a sexless marriage of Mary and Joseph…..oh dear….where will it all stop???? Most notable is the fact that the Church had nothing to do with marriages until the middle ages. Until then, marriages were “arranged” to produce male heirs and transfer inheritances. That God guy has alot of definitions of marriage!

  4. Adamas

    April 24, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    “Like the Resurrected Body of Jesus, so the definition of marriage as necessarily between a man and a woman, is an objective fact: part of the reality of the universe, whether we believe it or not.”

    Last I checked an “Objective Fact” means it has been proven true. Many mythos have stories about one who dies and then returns. But until I actually meet the one who has, I’ll not call it a “Fact”

  5. Ken

    April 24, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    The original purpose of marriage is companionship and mutual aid, according to Genesis 2. Procreation was added as part of the curse in Genesis 3. Later in the Bible, polygamy was permitted. If anyone wants to say that it wasn’t God”s will, that He just put up with it, they should remember that in the Old Testament, God calls Himself the “God of Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob.” Jacob had two wives. By the New Testament era, monogamy was the norm.

    Now about all this talk of “redefining marriage.” These people want to redefine our representative democracy to a direct democracy. They want to redefine the judiciary so that it cannot adjudicate laws. They want to redefine the constitutional provision that all citizens have equal rights and protections. They want to redefine civil rights so that minorities only enjoy rights at the pleasure of the majority. If we are talking about redefining things, we want to redefine marriage. They want to redefine America.

    They want to destroy America to prevent gay marriage. This is like burning the house down to prevent a fire.