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Anti-Amendment One Forces Gaining Strength Even As Voting Starts

Early voting has begun in North Carolina where they are voting on whether or not to instal theocracy in the state’s constitution or not. Still, it is not surprising that even many church leaders are opposing the move. Protecting All NC Families issued this statement about Pastors Against Amendment One:

Only a week after the launch of Pastors Against Amendment One (PAAO) (, nearly 125,000 North Carolina voters have responded to pastor emails, visited the site, and watched pastor testimonials. Over 200 pastors and church leaders have signed the petition saying that they will side with children and battered women and oppose Amendment One.

At the same time the United Methodist bishops affirmed their stance against gay marriage at their General Conference, the North Carolina Conference’s Bishop Al Gwinn added his name to PAAO because of the Amendment’s impact on the most vulnerable in NC.

“The more North Carolinians learn about the devastating impact the amendment could have on our children and families, the more they oppose it,” said Bishop Michael Curry. “As Christians, we cannot stand idly by as this Amendment threatens the least of these among us who are most in need of protection.”

A recent Public Policy Polling survey shows that barely a third (38%) of North Carolina voters support the Amendment once they learn about its impact on heterosexual couples, children, and victims of abuse.

“Whatever your position on marriage, you should vote against Amendment One because of the harm it will cause to children and abused women,” said Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman.

PAAO pastors have been speaking on talk and Christian radio and TV news programs throughout the state this past week to educate voters on Amendment One. Pastors will send another 2.5 million emails to North Carolinians over the next two days highlighting the dangers of Amendment One. And a number of services and prayer meetings opposing the Amendment are planned for the weekend.

“Amendment One violates the basic teachings of Scripture. In Matthew 25, Jesus said we are to care for the least of these, the most vulnerable in our society,” said Rev. Stephen Shoemaker. “It breaks my heart to think of what might happen to families in my congregation if this amendment passes.”



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One Response to Anti-Amendment One Forces Gaining Strength Even As Voting Starts

  1. j bengel

    May 4, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Early voting has been underway since April 19 (with absentee ballots being received from April 17). So far the tally is almost 363,000 overall votes cast, and the demographics … well they could mean anything. The PPP poll you mentioned still had the opposition trailing by 14% as of last week, but (a) that’s half the deficit it was a month ago, and (b) PPP can’t legally call cell phones to conduct their research, so their results probably don’t include college students and other 20-somethings who are overwhelmingly opposed (by as much as 4-1 in some studies).

    I hope the clock doesn’t run out before the momentum is enough to overcome the ignorance.
    This 50-something straight white male was waiting at the door of the Wake County Board of Elections when it opened on the first day of early voting to vote AGAINST. For whatever one vote is worth these days.