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Chardon High School Shooter To Be Tried As An Adult

TJ Lane

Judge Timothy Grendell has determined that Chardon High School shooter TJ Lane will be tried as an adult in the deaths of three students. It is clear, according to Grendell, that Lane planned to murder people at the school in a deliberate and calculated manner. Grendell also ordered that Lane be held without bond.

Lane’s grandparents were in the court, along with relatives of those who were murdered. The court did hear from a Geauga County Sherrif’s deputy and both prosecutors and defense attorneys before making its ruling. Lane’s lawyer has stated that Lane admitted that no one picked on him or bullied him. Geauga County Sheriff’s deputy John Bilicik stated that Lane admitted to the crimes when interviewed by the police.

According to NewsNet5, this exchange occurred:

BILICIK: “Why did you shoot people?”
LANE: “I have no idea. I don’t really understand it myself.”

BILICIK: “How many did you shoot?”
LANE: “I don’t know. I was aiming for heads so they wouldn’t suffer.”

BILICIK: “Did someone piss you off?”
LANE: “No one pissed me off. I have no problem with people.”

Footage from cameras in and around the high school was shown in court, but the Media was not allowed to see it. Prosecutors were concerned that it would prejudice a future jury. Lane’s defense attorney wanted him to remain in the juvenile court system because of his diagnosis of having schizophrenia and unspecified psychosis.

Lane admitted to opening fire in Chardon High School, killing three students and injuring two others.



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