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Exodus International Cancels Ex-Gay Conference

Originally posted 8 May 2012

It appears that Truth won out over “Love”. Exodus International has canceled their “Love Won Out” conference because of a lack of interest and money. The group believes that lesbians and gays can change their sexual orientation through “conversion” or “ex-gay” therapy. Their last conference brought in only about 400 people, and since then, it has been noted that reparative or conversion therapy fails in almost every single case.

In fact, several major ex-gay leaders have come out as being ex-ex-gay, and have since denounced ex-gay therapy as being ineffective. Ex-gay therapy also has next to no credence in the psychological community due to its lack of results and tendency to do more harm than goo.

Exodus’ senior director of events, David Fountain, stated to those few people who wanted to attend that “It is with great disappointment that we are notifying you today that the Love Won Out Conference scheduled for May 19th at Legacy Church in Albuquerque, N.M., has been cancelled.” Fountain then went on to suggest that those who had paid for the event might “Automatically convert all or part of your registration fees into a tax-deductible gift to support the ministry efforts of Exodus International.”

Exodus has been in some dire financial straits lately.

The Edge noted:

Truth Wins Out an organization dedicated to fighting the “ex-gay” movement, so-called “reparative” psychoanalytic practices, and conversion indoctrination by fundamentalist Christian sects, has been following Exodus travails over the past few years. The organization has been hounded by the psychological establishment and a prevailing attitude that, as Lady Gaga put it, we are “born this way.” But the organization has also come under relentless ridicule for the extremely high “recidivism” among its members, including leaders.

Truth Wins Out crowed, “This is a positive development and signals the decline of this organized lie in the United States” on its website.

It should be noted that there are some individuals who have their sexuality muddled due to a variety of childhood traumas. These people may engage in lesbian or gay behaviors without being actually lesbian or gay; however, these individuals are usually helped through traditional therapies rather than the snake oil sold by the likes of Exodus International.



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