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Film Icon Carrie Fisher Gets Female Force Comic

Cover Art

Bluewater Productions has been specializing in biographical comics for years. Now they are bringing the life of movie icon Carrie Fisher into full color focus as part of their Female Force series, which has also included Anne Rice, RuPaul, Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, etc.

Writer C.W. Cooke — who has worked on Bluewater titles about Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart and Tiger Woods, among many others — is telling Fisher’s life story, which includes playing the immortal Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. Female Force: Carrie Fisher, written by Cooke and illustrated by Ryan Paule with a cover illustration by Joe Phillips, will sell for $3.99 and also be available digitally for $1.99 for the Nook, Kindle and iPad.

A recent Bluewater press release states:

“From galaxies far away to stories set all too close to home, Carrie Fisher has done it all and seen it all. From her youth as the daughter of a famous Hollywood singer and actress, to her own time in the acting spotlight, Carrie Fisher has been a strong role model for women everywhere. She has faced adversity at every turn and she has fought back each time. She’s been a sex symbol, a sci-fi goddess, and everything in between, but above all else, she has been a strong female who never gave up. As strong and driven in real life as her beloved character, Fisher draws attention in Female Force: Carrie Fisher to a far-reaching problem that millions of Americans suffer from: bipolar disorder. Outspoken about her own personal struggles with the mental illness, Fisher is having Bluewater donate a percentage of the proceeds from her ‘Female Force’ issue to the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut. Silver Hill is renowned for its excellence in its treatment of psychiatric disorders. Bluewater will also be running exclusive information about the disorder in the book.”

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Actress Fisher

“I am a huge fan of Carrie’s and I, too, suffer from bipolar disorder. She has inspired me in so many ways. Her candid wit and brutal honesty is what is needed to help lift the stigma off of the disease,” says Jason Schultz, Vice President of Bluewater Productions.

Future Bluewater biographical subjects will JRR Tolkien, The Cast of Saturday Night Live and The U.S. Army. Now that’s diversity!

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