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Final Verdict In Assange Extradition Due Tonight

Julian Assange two years ago.

At 9:15 a.m. London time, the Supreme Court will hand down the final ruling on Julian Assange’s battle to evade returning to Sweden to finish the investigation into two charges that he committed rape in that country. Assange has insisted that he should only be required to answer the questions of the Swedish police through written deposition, teleconferencing or on-line. He has also admitted publicly to the encounters and says that all he is guilty of is being a “sexist pig,” but in Sweden, his actions (initiating intercourse on a sleeping woman, coercing a woman into unprotected sex) are legally classified as rape.


Julian Assange last winter.

Assange, if so ordered, will leave England within ten days. He can appeal the ruling to the European Court of Human Rights, but that will not stop the extradition.

The Assange fan club is in full paranoid hysteria this week.

The press releases from Assange’s people are a bit on the “stretching the truth” side. They claim that he has “not been charged with any crime in any country, yet he will have spent 540 days detained – 10 in solitary confinement, and 530 under house arrest…” N o crime, huh?  He was under investigation in Sweden, requested permission to attend a business meeting in England and was granted permission to travel on condition of his promise to return immediately.  Evading investigation is considered a crime in many jurisdictions, as is violating terms of travel while under investigation.  Solitary confinement? With full access to visitors and attorneys? What’s the difference between “solitary confinement” and a private cell? The amount of access outsiders have to the prisoner. Assange was in prison for refusing to honor the extradition orders handed down a year ago, and denied bail for lack of a permanent address in England. He left prison with souvenirs he offered for sale at a fund raising auction.  As for “house arrest”? Catch the Famke Jansen movie 100 Feet sometime to see what house arrest looks like. Assange has served his “house arrest” as a guest of millionaire Vaughan Smith at his Norfolk estate Ellingham Hall, and since December 2011 at Lord Abergavenny’s Eridge Park estate in Tunbridge Wells. He has been free to travel within England, frequently attending fundraisers and press conferences in London, and has been hosting a talk show for Russian television while “under house arrest.”

His resistence to returning to Sweden has resulted in thousands of dollars of legal bills and the near bankruptcy of WikiLeaks.  His offer to assist in Bradley Manning’s legal defense has netted a relatively small contribution to Manning’s defense fund, certainly nothing consistent with the life he’s been leading. 

According to the fan club, upon arrival in Sweden, Assange will be whisked away to prison, where he will be held incommunicado, with no access to his attorneys, in solitary confinement, with no possibility of bail because Sweden doesn’t have a bail system, for an indefinite time to face a secret trial. In Sweden? Seriously? Are we sure he’s not being sent to Uganda?

Quoting from their communication, the Assange fans say that “It must be noted that Mr Assange is still at risk for U.S. extradition even if he is not sent to Sweden. Emails from the intelligence company Stratfor revealed that the U.S. has a sealed indictment against Julian Assange, and a secret grand jury on WikiLeaks has been active in the U.S. since September 2010. Both the UK and Sweden have refused to guarantee they will not extradite him to the U.S.” Secret Grand Jury? Well, for openers, all grand juries are secret, and not secret simultaneously. Their proceedings are secret, but their existence is usually known. But that’s not half as interesting as what recently happened in New York City.

How about a small piece of logical thinking? Assange was photographed strolling around the grounds of Ellingham Hall. He insisted he was being watched by the CIA and MI5. He has often left the sanctity of his lodgings. Now, in a sane world, why would the United States government wait until they had him in legal custody to kill him, when they could have taken him out at any time over the past 18 months?

Remember Birgitta Jonsdottir, the Icelandic parliamentarian and WikiLeaks leader, one of only two people in WikiLeaks that the United States could bring charges against over the documents Bradley Manning allegedly stole, unless it could be proven that Assange personally directly Manning on how to steal them, or used Manning to hack into American systems? Anyway, Ms. Jonsdottir was a co-plaintiff in a case brought against the United States government over the indefinite detention and “association with terrorist” provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. The Court in Manhattan ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, that the provisions were unconstitutional.

Gee, freaking, whiz…..the notorious hacker-spy Birgitta Jonsdottir, in and out of the United States without incident, actually appearing in an American court as a plaintiff, and no one arrested her, harassed her or accosted her in any manner.  Jonsdottir was of interest to the American government because she was in the Icelandic Parliament at the time of the Manning info dump, and therefore subject to laws covering foreign agents, and Jacob Appelbaum is an American and a senior leader of WikiLeaks, and subject to our laws as a citizen.

And finally, the “paranoid squad” are pointing out that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is visiting Sweden on Sunday, June 3. According to them, she will be presenting the Swedish government with a “secret extradition order” prepared by a “secret grand jury” that will be honored by the Swedish government under their “temporary surrender” mechanism. And, of course, we know what Assange says will happen to him if he’s turned over to the Americans – he’ll either be pitched out the plane door over the Atlantic or be flown directly to Gitmo. All for being a preening, posing, posturing prick.  For those who haven’t been paying attention, the Eurozone economic crisis threatens the American economic recovery.  Sweden, while one of the most stable countries in Europe is nonetheless #8 in national debts, at nearly 190% of GDP.  Consultations with European nations that did not participate in the G8 summit but who are part of the EU would be prudent at this time. 

The man is not a nice human being. He stuck his dick into a sleeping woman and held her down while he got his rocks off. He coerced another young woman into risking an STD or unwanted pregnancy cause he doesn’t like condoms. No one has a full count on the number of bastards he’s abandoned the world because of his aversion to protected sex, and no one knows for sure what kind of diseases he might have picked up. He has engaged in a vicious custody battle for his only legitimate child even though he has no permanent home. He ordered a former partner to kill his girlfriend for being “disloyal.” And a huge number of incredibly gullible people think this man is an altruist, that he is on a one-man crusade to free the world from fascism. Out of this overblown drama over breaking his word to the Swedish government and refusing to finish the investigation, he has gotten wined, dined and housed at a couple of the best homes in England, been clothed off Saville Row and groomed by the best metrosexual experts in London. He’s gone from being a smelly, dirty, sofa-surfing bum living out of a rucksack to being a gentleman, all at the expense of his wealthy fans.

Meanwhile, two young Swedish women, who learned the hard way that the demigod of truthiness was a badly tarnished tin god, have been reviled as liars, characterized as CIA operatives who entrapped him, and been virtually spit upon, all for seeking justice in accordance with the laws of their nation. By blindly supporting Assange in this extradition battle, by opening their checkbooks to support him in a manner he was never accustomed to, by believing that he is the victim, these supposed devotees of justice and openness in government, these believers in exposing the lies and corruption of those in high office have proven themselves to be just as unjust and corrupt in their own way as the people they condemn.

Julian Assange isn’t the victim. He’s the perp, and the real victims have waited too bloody long for justice.

If you feel up to it, at 4 a.m., Eastern time, tomorrow, get out of bed and log on to to watch the verdict. I’ll be watching to see if the hallowed Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence lives up to over a thousand years of trying to be just and fair.



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2 Responses to Final Verdict In Assange Extradition Due Tonight

  1. Winston Weeks

    June 13, 2012 at 3:25 am

    MP Birgitta Jonsdottir did not physically appear in Court nor did she travel to the U.S. She did have a statement for the court which was read by author Naomi Wolf.

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