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Ho Hum. Gingrich Suspends Candidacy

Newt Gingrich by Donkey Hotey, Creative Commons, one last time.

Somewhere in Georgia, Marianne Gingrich is laughing her butt off. Didn’t Newt tell her that Callista would take him to the White House? Wasn’t that the reason he ditched wife #2 for the plastic trophy wife?

Well, at least she got him as far as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

I couldn’t help but thinking that all the “I’ll announce my withdrawal….” announcements over the past week were a desperate cry for someone to beg him to stay in the race. Sorry, no one co-operated, not even Shelton Adelman.

So, there is only one primary candidate left to oppose Mitt Romney – Ron Paul. Forgot about him, didn’t you? Everyone always does. This isn’t Paul’s first time at the dance, but it will probably be his last. In four years, we can expect his son Rand Paul to decide if he will be running to keep his Senate seat (where he has positioned himself as Jim DeMint’s “second” in filibustering) or take up the mantle of libertarianism and run equally fruitless campaigns that serve to get the libertarian agenda into discussion among the right wing.

So, Newt, farewell, adieu, arrivederci, sayonara, vayos con Dios…and this time, could you please just stay gone?



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