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Man Goes Into Hospital For Kidney Stone, Discovers He’s Intersexed

Life for Stevie Crecelius took a turn for the interesting the day he was admitted to the hospital for a kidney stone only to get some rather interesting news. He was female. . .alright, actually Stevie, who was christened Steven, is intersexed. The Denver photographer has stated that he felt different his whole life.

Stevie stated
“When I was about 6 years old, I started having these feminine feelings, but that was in the ’60s. Wearing my mom’s makeup, I thought I looked pretty.” It was five years ago that he learned from a nurse that he had both sexes showing on an ultrasound. In fact, he has male genitalia and female sex organs.

According to Stevie “The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female.’ It was very liberating. I had spent so much energy after the age of 13 constantly evaluating how people looked at me and acted towards me.”

Her wife and six children have all accepted her identity. Stevie stated “We told them individually. Some were in person and some weren’t. Every one of them said, ‘We don’t care one way or the other. We love you for who you are and you’re still my dad.’”

Debbie, Stevie’s wife of twenty-five years, has been very supportive, even taking her to buy his first bra. Debbie stated “You know, when I first saw you, I said to myself, ‘He runs like a girl.’

Stevie said “I think we were pretty good when she began to mourn the loss of her husband. We worked through what we needed to. The concept of unconditional love is a larger story.”

Some form of intersexuality strikes one in every 1500 children. The term covers a variety of different disorders including mixed genitalia and sex organs- what was classically called hermaphroditism- to genetic disorders including Turner’s Syndrom and Klinefelter’s. While transsexuality and intersexuality overlap, they are not necessarily the same.

Stevie hopes to advocate for those who are part of the QUILTBAG spectrum stating “I think of bullying, because I haven’t heard anyone talk about this. It’s important to talk about. People need to be accepting and understand. I was born this way, and loving each other and supporting each other will always be the main factor in our household.”


Upon further research, I learned that Stevie did decide to transition into a woman. The ABC article that I had used as my original source did not make this clear and referred to Stevie as ‘he’ throughout. Given that, this is what I did as well.  I have changed some of the pronouns in this article to reflect this new information.  As one in a similar situation, it is really upsetting that ABC chose to ignore the new identity.



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5 Responses to Man Goes Into Hospital For Kidney Stone, Discovers He’s Intersexed

  1. Zoe Brain

    May 29, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Girl is born looking like a Boy. She tries to be a Boy. Fails, but can fake it well. She has to to try to have some kind of normal life. Later, she finds out her body isn’t as male as everyone (including her) thought. She’s in-between, so can live as the woman she always was, without feeling like some kind of sex pervert. Her partner takes in her stride the fact that she married another girl, the person matters, not the physical shape, and they all live happily ever after, giving thanks that due to an unusual biological situation, two gals could have children together. Rare, but it happens.

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      May 30, 2012 at 12:42 am

      I know, Zoe. I loved this story and was pissed off that the Huffington Post put it in the “Weird News” and ABC made no mention of Stevie’s transition. It’s like intersexuals are freaks or something when no we aren’t.

  2. Bruce Majors

    May 26, 2012 at 10:39 am

    So the 6 children? Adopted?

  3. Riki Sarah Dennis

    May 26, 2012 at 2:46 am

    This is another well-written piece! Thank you for brightening up my evening, Ms.LaVictoire!