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Planned Parenthood “Stingers” Release First Edited Video

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood (photo 1879)

Planned Parenthood warned jsut a month ago that it was being targeted by an anti-abortion group that was trying to create “sting” videos a la James O’Keefe. They also announced that they had identified at least one hidden camera stinger and because their employee failed to follow protocol when faced with suspicious questions, they had dismissed the employee.

Well, that employee’s hidden camera video has been released by Live Action, without explaining that this employee no longer works for Planned Parenthood. Their actress had asked leading questions about obtaining a gender-selection abortion, and the employee had answered honestly with factual information. But Live Action is twisting the video to support their claim that Planned Parenthood supports killing female babies. They are calling their series of videos “Gendercide: Sex Selection in America.” They claim that sex selection abortion is widespread in America and Planned Parenthood enables and encourages it.

Like the faked and heavily edited videos created by James O’Keefe at ACORN facilities, this Live Action video will get plenty of airtime from right wing media. It will not be explained. There will be no disclaimer about Planned Parenthood having already fired this employee. The right wing media will drool over this video because it supports their agenda to kill the 96-year-old organization that has provided family planning and female health services to millions of low-income American women, whose activities – originally illegal and prosecuted to the full extent of the law – have prevented millions of unwanted pregnancies and consequently millions of abortions. They have saved hundreds of thousands of lives – women who would have died of another pregnancy, women who would have died of undetected breast or reproductive cancer, women who would have died of STDs, women who would have died from illegal abortions or abortions performed by person with no real medical training. While the suffragettes fought for women’s right to vote, Margaret Sanger fought for our right to control our own bodies and our own lives. Who and what women are today in America is as much the result of Planned Parenthood as it is of the work of the National Women’s Party.

So the slander and libel of Planned Parenthood continues while state legislatures defund this primary source of women’s health services.

The anti-abortion groups claim to be acting to carry out God’s will. When did God say it was okay to break a Commandment to achieve a goal? “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that. No ambiguities, no interpretations of vague phrases about how God knew us in our mother’s wombs. Pure and simple – you will not lie. It is bad enough when they pick and choose Biblical passages to justify their positions. Now, they are picking and choosing among the Ten Commandments.




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