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Sister Wives Stars ‘Everyone Should Be Able’ To Define Their Marriage

Originally posted 11 May 2012
It is a common refrain…if you legalize same-sex marriage polygamy is not far behind! There are many people who actually do believe that multiple partner marriages should be legal, but only so long as they are done by willing individuals. In fact, so long as there is no actual harm to future children such as in an incestuous relationship or harm to the wife such as in child marriages, there are people who believe that consenting adults should be allowed to get married no matter the combination or number.

So, it is not surprising that the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives have an open mind about same-sex marriage. Kody Brown, who has four wives- Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine- talked about the issue with Billy Bush and Lisa Rinna of Hollywood Live. Kody stated “I have been able to choose and define my marriage and I think everybody should be able to do that. Choose and define who you marry, choose and define who you love.”



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