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South African Political Groups Want To Strip LGBT People Of Rights

South Africa’s National House of Traditional Leaders or NHTL wants to remove the protections that sexual minorities in that nation enjoy. South Africa is the only nation in Africa to protect LGBT people from discrimination, and the only South African nation to have same-sex unions. Anti-LGBT crimes in South Africa are rampant, as well, including numerous reports of “corrective rapes”- that is where a straight man believes he can ‘turn’ a lesbian straight by raping her- as well as several internationally high profile murders.

The NHTL wants the protections that LGBT South Africans enjoy stripped from the Constitution. They submitted a proposal to the constitutional review committee, which is charied by Chief Patekile Holomisa. Chief Holomisa is also the chairperson of the NHTL, so, of course, the petition was then referred to the parliamentary party caucuses. Reports are that Holomisa is antagonistic to LGBT people, and is vehemently opposed to civil unions and same-sex marriage.

African National Congress chief whip, Dr. Mathole Motshekga, issued a statement stating that the ANC will not accede to any submission seeking to amend the nation’s Constitution to strip LGBT people of their protections.


Subsequently on SAFM AMlive, Xolani Gwala conducted an interview with Contralesa which exacerbates concerns despite the statement issued by the office of the ANC chief whip. It was suggested that people who are lesbian and gay foster declining population figures in South Africa because they are not actively engaged in sexual reproduction, and thus stop people from having babies.

Whomever put forward this argument would seem to be blithely ignorant of Statistics South Africa’s population statistics, which shows an impressive increase in the population of our country over time; but the point is evidently not the question of fact but rather the prejudices which informed the statements.

It was suggested that lesbian and gay persons do not make appropriate adoptive parents of children, and that adoptions by same-sex couples should be discouraged. Holomisa also claimed that, traditionally, people who were homosexual were subjected to certain rituals which transformed them from socially and culturally unacceptable “sexual deviants” into “normal”, socially and culturally acceptable heterosexuals.

It appears that many of the lies being spread by the anti-LGBT groups in America have now shifted fully into every corner of Africa. The question is, will South Africa follow Uganda and other nations backwards into the Darkness or will they stand up and keep moving forward.



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