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Ten Year Old Deaf Boy Sexually Assaulted On Georgia Bus

Roswell, Georgia was the sight of a particularly grievous crime as two teenagers- 16 and 14- raped, sexually assaulted and sodomized a 10-year old deaf boy while on a school bus as it traveled from the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf. The bus driver appears to have had knowledge of the attack, but did not contact authorities or attempt to stop the assault. The driver has been removed from the school system, according to Fulton County spokeswoman Samantha Evans.

The two are set to be tried as adults. According to attorney Tommy Maddox “He was just violated in every way you can imagine.” Forensics indicate that the allegations have merit, and it appears to have not been the first time that the student was assaulted by the two teens as they allegedly went on for months, but the ten-year-old boy was too afraid to report the attacks.



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