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Elsewhere on this site you can read the case of the nine-year-old rape victim whose mother and doctors made the decision to abort her twin fetuses. This isn’t about her. It is about Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho who excommunicated the doctors, the girl, and her mother, but not the stepfather who raped her.

This is about the Archbishop’s explanation of why he excommunicated them….”They took the life of an innocent. Abortion is much more serious than killing an adult. An adult may or may not be an innocent, but an unborn child is most definitely innocent. Taking that life cannot be ignored.”

The mother was not an adult, you fool. She was an innocent child, who should have been learning long division and playing with dolls.

The Archbishop needs a refresher course in Catholic theology.

Skipping over the ways someone can be baptized, let’s get to the meat of it. According to the website Te Deum Laudamus!, an aborted fetus is not considered to have been intended to be baptized, so it is not assumed to be “baptized by intent,” as a stillborn or miscarried child is. Aborted fetuses are not in Purgatory. They are in the ether. They are nowhere. The Church has no place for them in the afterlife. So, no prayers are offered by the Church for their transition from Purgatory to Heaven. Prayers are offered for God’s mercy on the fetus’ soul. The remains of an aborted fetus are not accorded a Catholic funeral mass. It has only been since 1983 that an unbaptized child may be buried in a Catholic cemetery. They used to throw them over the walls.

People are baptized in the Catholic Church to remove the stain of Original Sin. Until baptized, an infant is in a state of sin. Like to explain, Archbishop how these twin fetuses are more innocent than that tortured, abused, raped nine-year-old child who was going to die if she carried that pregnancy to term. And where did you get your medical degree? You must have one if you could explain with such certainty that she could have carried the pregnancy and been delivered by caesarean section. When did you examine her? The authorities found out about the pregnancy because she was in a medical crisis, not because she was seeking routine pre-natal care.

This is why we fought for the right to legally get an abortion. We didn’t do it for emergency birth control. We did it because women and girls DIED carrying bad pregnancies to term, and their babies usually died with them. We did it because women died getting illegal abortions, or were so maimed they could never have another child. We did it to save the lives of those already walking God’s earth.

We fought for legal abortion to save the lives of those Archbishop Sobrinho has said were not innocent enough to save, those the Vatican considered too unclean to save.

We took the risk that women would choose an abortion because they were careless, or because they didn’t think through the consequences of unprotected sex, or because they were suddenly abandoned by the father of the child, or because they were too uneducated to prevent a pregnancy. We knew that we could be enabling abortion as birth control. It was a necessary risk to achieve the goal of saving women’s lives.

But as we fought for the right to a legal abortion, we also fought to better sex education and access to birth control. The pill was already available, making it easier, we thought, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Years ago, I met a woman who worked for the Georgia public health department. She said her worst enemy was the jackass legislators who wrote opt-out clauses into sex education laws. It never failed that the kids who had been excused from sex ed ended up in her clinic with unwanted, unexpected pregnancies because some uneducated parent had taught them a girl could only get pregnant during her period.

In America, we are facing laws that will criminalize abortion or make it so difficult to get that a pregnancy passes the acceptable threshold before the woman has passed through all the hoops. We have a law in Arizona that says a woman is pregnant before having sex, and amendments and laws have been proposed to declare a fertilized egg a person. Twenty percent of Americans would deny abortion to raped girls and women, or to save the life of the mother. The majority of Americans want to restrict the circumstances under which a woman or girl can receive an abortion. And just to compound their reckless disregard for lives of women and girls, state legislatures and Congress have voted to de-fund the most important providers of education and family planning and birth control in America. In the minds of these fanatics, the only people worthy of drawing breath are those who are virgins until marriage and who belong to their religions. Everyone else should just curl up and die.

Because one Pope thought he knew better than 1580 years of Popes before him, because he thought he knew better than all the scholars in Rome, the Catholic Church condemned this nine-year-old Brazilian girl to death, but her loving mother and caring doctors intervened. Now, they have condemned her to hell.

God, please protect us from your faithful.




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