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Cartoon History Lesson #10: Mom (from Dexter’s Laboratory)


This week’s Cartoon History Lesson is all about dear ol’ Mom. Yup, we’re going to give some credit, where credit is due.

Mom {of Dexter’s Laboratory}, born September 13, 1957, is Dexter’s and Dee Dee’s red-haired mother; a Mysophobe (phobia of germs) who has trouble being around the rest of the family without her rubber gloves. She is rarely seen without them and, should she happen to lose them, starts to go insane (as in she starts having nightmarish hallucinations, featuring over sized bugs and germs) in an episode -Pslightly Psycho to be exact – when they have gone missing from her nightstand.

Although a stereotyped 1950s-style housewife, a few episodes imply that most of Dexter’s personality comes from her, including her perfectionist streaks, red hair, intelligence, and her penchant for dramatics. She speaks in a kind of Minnesotan accent. Even though  Mom is intelligent, it has been shown that Dad is rather moronic. Opposites attract, eh? So how did they meet?

Mom & Dad met in the 1980s in high school.

It is revealed in a flashback episode that she used to be a Valley Girl type in the 1980s, which may also be the basis for her accent. This same episode explains how she met and fell in love with Dad. A guidance councilor put them together to help each other with their personal problems; her being a “germ-a-phobe” and Dad being a “slob”. (Long story short – he gave her her first pair of rubber gloves and he cleaned up his appearance so she could stand to be around him without being repulsed by his germs. They fell in love. <3)

She is always seen walking on her tiptoes and her feet make a very dainty, clicking sound whenever she walks around which explains how Dee Dee inherited the squishy sound her feet make when she walks around, somehow.

Dee-Dee & Dexter

On that note, it is revealed in one episode that Dee Dee inherited snowball fighting skills from Mom. In that same episode is a contrasting origin story of how Mom & Dad met. In this episode Dad had mad skills at snowball throwing from childhood until college and she threw one at him, to flirt, and it scarred him for life because someone had finally hit him with a snowball. (Dad’s a tad over-dramatic too.)

Her real name has never been revealed, and her husband only refers to her as “Honey”, “Dear”, etc.

Mom has also been shown to have almost super power-like abilities; she fights very well, she beat up another mom over a box of gloves at the market, rescued Dexter from aliens, and helped Dexter save Japan, amongst other super-mom adventures. In one episode she gets super powers and uses them in her everyday activities without noticing, like running at high speeds to catch the kid’s bus, tearing the roof off the bus and cheerfully giving the lunch bags to her kids and wishes them a good day before jumping away, nonchalantly.

Mom’s itty-bitty green bikini


Dexter’s Mom is a tall woman with large hips, small breasts, and a huge tush. In later seasons, her hips have shrunk but her butt has gotten bigger. For swimwear, she wears a green bikini. The bikini top is somewhat too small for her, revealing most of the her breast line. The bottom is also small, but does not reveal anything. In Momdark, Mandark puts on a pink bra. This infers that Mom wears a pink bra.


In PowerPuff Girls Doujinishi. Mom makes a small cameo as she is seen hugging Dexter and crying over the loss of her only daughter.



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