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Kentucky Jail Refusing To Address Rape, Harassment Of LGBT Inmates

The Kentucky River Regional Jail in Hazard, KY is ignoring a major problem that they are facing. There has been a growing trend of sexual assault and harassment against LGBTI inmates by straight inmates. What is more, Kentucky Equality Federation has contacted the jail repeatedly, but been hung up on each time even as the number of complaints registered by Southeastern Kentucky Regional Management have continued to go up.

KEF has filed a complaint with the Kentucky Office of Attorney General as well as the appropriate federal authorities.

KEF states:

“It really is quite disturbing that harassment and assault don’t provoke a response,” said Kentucky Equality Federation President Joshua Koch. “Inmates have rights. They are citizens and human beings. While they are incarcerated, they are especially vulnerable under confinement, and we owe it to them to make sure they are not subjected to criminal abuse, regardless of what they stand accused of.

“It is our opinion that jail officials have and continue to show a callous disregard for basic human decency by failing to protect its LGBTI inmates from abuse. I also remind the public that just because you are arrested for something does not make you guilty. We presume innocence until guilt is proven, and this principle is a fundamental American value.

“Kentucky Equality Federation’s Southeastern Kentucky Regional Director Will Taylor will continue to monitor the situation and report any additional violations to the Office of the President. Any additional violations will be reported to the above-mentioned agencies. The safety, dignity, and due process rights of all Kentuckians are paramount concerns of our organization.”



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