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Send In FOX News! Vatican Hires FOX Correspondent To Shape Message

Need your scandals whitewashed? Just bring in someone from FOX News to do it for you! The Vatican has hired Greg Burke of FOX News to become the senior communications adviser in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State. Burke stated that “I’m a bit nervous but very excited. Let’s just say it’s a challenge.”

The real challenge, of course, is going to be making sure that he has enough manure to spread around.

Burke had been offered the job twice before. According to him, the job is kind of like being the White House senior communications ad viser. He stated that “You’re shaping the message, you’re molding the message, and you’re trying to make sure everyone remains on-message. And that’s tough.”

Burke is a Catholic and a member of the Opus Dei movement, which is an extremely conservative largely lay person organization within the Catholic Church.

According to the Huffington Post:

After Pope Benedict XVI was elected in 2005, Navarro-Valls was replaced by the Rev. Federico Lombardi, a Jesuit who had long headed Vatican Radio and still does, along with running the Vatican press office and Vatican television service.

Lombardi told the AP that Burke will help integrate communications issues within the Vatican’s top administrative office, the secretariat of state, and will help handle its relations with the Holy See press office and other Vatican communications offices. Burke will report to the Vatican undersecretary of state and the official who oversees Vatican communications in the secretariat.

The Vatican has been plagued by scandals over the last several decades, and has done a poor job handling them, so it is not surprising that they would bring in someone to act, essentially, as a propaganda minister.



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