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Bishop Upset That Nuns Not Interfering In American Politics

“We’ve flattened their fingers. We’ve branded their buns. Nothing is working…Send in the nuns!” (Mel Brooks) Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio is one of the three bishops appointed by Pope Benedict to try and force America’s nuns into line with the Vatican’s political ambitions. He is the one who stated that the nuns are “promoting, unilaterally…a new kind of theology that is not in accordance with the faith of the church.”

Blair appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air a week after the Leadership Conference of Women Religious’s president, Sister Pat Farrell, was on the show. During her interview, Farrell responded to criticism from the Vatican about her organization including the fact that the Pope feels that the LCWR does not speak against abortion enough. Sister Farrell noted that the group works on a range of pro-life issues. Of course, Blair was not happy with her answer.

Blair stated that “no one is questioning the fact that many sisters” are involved in pro-life issues, but he quoted Pope John Paul II by saying that “all other human rights are false and illusory if the right to life…is not defended with maximum determination.”

In other words, Blair is upset that the nuns are actually working to prevent abortions and alleviating the social causes of abortion and wants them to get actively involved in condemning abortion. Blair went on to say “One would expect the LCWR to stand up and be counted in upholding this right and working for its defense. There’s been nothing really said by the leadership conference on this issue.”

Blair was also upset that the LCWR has not stated anything about same-sex marriage. He stated that “the defense of the God given institution of marriage as between one man and one woman [is a] great issue of our society today.”

So, basically, Blair wants to be able to send in the nuns as a means to a political end. And the Vatican wonders why people are turning their backs on organized religion.



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