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Coalition Of African-American Pastors Protests NAACP Over LGBT Support

A group of black clergy members are not happy with the NAACP over their endorsement of same-sex marriage, and traveled to Houston, TX to protest their annual convention. The Coalition of African-American Pastors or CAAP is headed by Reverend William Owens of Memphis, Tennessee. He accused the NAACP of abandoning its core mission.

He told the Huffington Post that
“This is supposed to be an organization for black people who were beaten, who were mistreated and who were enslaved. You’re advocating for something that’s not normal, that’s not natural. It’s still out of line, it’s against moral law. Gay marriage is leading us down a bad path. Our young people are already hurt. They’re already damaged.”

Enslaved? No…but beaten, murdered, executed, emasculated, tortured, raped, lynched? Yes. At one time, it was legal to put lesbians and gays into jail in the United States for nothing other than having sex, and it was legal to put them into insane asylums where they were often tortured in attempts to get them to stop being gay. Lesbians were often raped by those inside the asylums and there was no legal course of action that could be taken to stop the attacks.

As for unnatural and immoral…nature is full of animals that have same-sex intercourse, and immorality is often in the eye of the beholder. As for damaging young people? Why does no one actually enumerate that?

Owens wants the NAACP to focus on unemployment and education, which it already does. CAAP also put out an online petition in support of so-called traditional marriage, but has garnered about 5,000 signatures in the last week. When Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP, he got only scattered applause for his vow to defend so-called traditional marriage.

As always, it is amazing that many Blacks, like Owens, are far more comfortable using the same rationale that was once used to attack Blacks in order to attack gays. At one point, it was argued that Blacks were incapable of being moral. In fact, it is an opinion that is still being expounded by White supremacists. The language often used to attack same-sex marriage is nearly identical to the language used to justify banning interracial marriage.

Other than the political disenfranchisement experienced by Blacks, LGBT Americans have had many of the same struggles. So, perhaps the next time that a young gay man is beaten to a pulp or a young lesbian is raped, Owens would like to explain just how that is alright because he believes that the supposed immorality of someone being in love with someone of the same sex far outweighs the immorality of rape, assault and murder.



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