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GOP Group- “It Takes A Real Man To Woman Up!”

“Real men know how to Woman Up!” Alright…that’s what the t-shirt says, and that is something made up by Brad Dayspring the senior advisor to the YG Network. You know, if you want to woman up and you’re part of the GOP, I’m sure I can find a few books to help out. I think I’ve got one called “Crossdress For Success”…and a couple others on women’s fashion. Not that I really care that much about hair and makeup. I rarely ware makeup and I usually have my hair in a ‘rabbit tail’ (stupid curly hair, it gets all poofy).

And if you GOP men really want to woman up, there are a few surgeons in Montreal and Colorado who do wonderful surgery. I even know a doctor in New Hampshire who is very good about helping out with hormone therapy.

The whole thing began as a question about the fact that the YG Network has created a salon near the GOP Convention where they hope to help women ‘woman up’ by getting their hair and makeup fixed. You know, while the men are busy talking politics, visiting the strip clubs in order to watch lesbian bondage, and smoking cigars.

The Young Gun’s Network “Woman Up Pavilion,” as it is called was created in honor of Dr. Miriam Adelson, the wife of Sheldon Adelson, the GOP’s bank who is under investigation with regards to a wife variety of crimes. Dr. Adelson donated a lot of money to the group. Apparently when Dayspring was asked about the male equivalent of the Woman Up pavilion, he stated “Real men know how to Woman Up!”…t-shirts were created…

So, if Erica Cantor, Brandi Dayspring, Joan Boehner, Wilma Romney and Paula Ryan want to get some womanly advice on transition, just drop us a line and we’ll do our best.



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