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Tammy Baldwin On The Offensive Over Tommy Thompson’s Taxes

Rep. Tammy Baldwin

The election is heating up in Wisconsin where Representative Tammy Baldwin has released the above ad as the clock ticks down towards the end of this round of fundraising. This is especially true since many Republican-supporting Super PACs are targeting the race heavily. Despite the money pouring in, Baldwin is in a dead heat with former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.

Baldwin also issued a further attack on Thompson noting that Thompson is following GOP Presidential nominee in refusing to release his tax returns for this election. Thompson is claiming that he released the tax returns for every year he was Governor, but in reality he stopped releasing them after it was exposed that he was taking tax breaks he was not entitled to.

Baldwin’s campaign explained:

While in Tampa for the GOP convention, Thompson sat down for some interviews with national media. During one of these interviews Thompson was asked about his refusal to release his state and federal tax returns, and Thompson again insisted on keeping his tax returns a secret.

Thompson also claimed, yet again, that he released all his taxes as Governor when he knows that simply isn’t true.

The Journal Sentinel reported just 10 days ago that Thompson did not release all of his taxes as Governor. In fact Thompson stopped releasing his taxes after it was discovered he was improperly taking tax breaks and was forced to pay back taxes.

“Tommy Thompson not only insists on keeping tax returns a secret, he continues to make false claims about his tax returns and refuses to tell the truth,” said John Kraus, Baldwin Campaign Communications Director “Thompson supports cutting taxes for millionaires like himself and raising taxes on the middle class. The people of Wisconsin deserve to know exactly how much Thompson would personally benefit from his own tax plans, and the only way they will know is if he releases ten years of state and federal tax returns.”


Thompson Claimed He Released His Taxes Every Year That He Was Governor…”Thompson: No, no no, no, it’s not coordinated at all. The truth of the matter is- is that I’ve been in the private sector, and when I was Governor I released all my tax returns and I’ll release my tax returns when I’m in the United States Senate, but right now I’m still in the private sector and I’ve released all of the reports, all of the financial reports, that are necessary.” [Wisconsin Public Television 8/29/12 ]

…But Thompson Released His Taxes For Ten Years As Governor, Until He Was Caught Taking An Improper Tax Break. In August 2012, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported: “In his first 10 years as governor, Thompson provided them to reporters annually. Only after the Journal Sentinel found mistakes in his taxes did he clam up… In 1996, the Journal Sentinel discovered that the GOP guv had improperly claimed the full deduction for one of his daughters on his two previous tax returns, even though she earned too much money and was too old to qualify as a dependent in either year. Several accountants contacted the paper to point out the error. Thompson had to go back and correct the mistakes, which cost the Thompsons $1,635 in additional taxes, plus interest.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,8/19/2012]



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