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“Big & Beautiful”? Check Out HolyClothing.Com!


Are you a 2, 3, 4 or even 7X in this world that considers size 16 “large”? Are you tired of sorting through the depressing offerings in our sizes at Wal-Mart? Do you want something that is going to make your partner’s mouth drop open?

If you do, you have to check out In their words, they feature “Renaissance, Gypsy, Boho & Peasant Styles”.  I would add Pagan to that list, but that’s only because I am one, and I want a selection of their fine dresses for ceremonial use. However…


This is me in the “Alyssa Bell Sleeve Gothic Victorian Empire Butterfly Vintage Dress” I just received. As you can see, it is an exquisite fit – that’s because the HolyClothing website will guide you through choosing the exact, correct size when you order. For most of their clothes, the sizes range from large to 3 or 4X, although they do go a small as “small” and as big as 7X.

That’s right. Romantic, well-made clothing in 7X. Mind-boggling, right? I’ll bet you’re thinking “what’s the catch?” If you’ve had the same experience I’ve had with trying to buy these styles, you’d expect the catch to be shoddy workmanship, seams that shred if you think of moving, or fabrics so thin they cling like cobwebs.

Catalogue Image

Not so with this dress. I’ve been a costume and dress designer, so I can say with some authority that I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship on this dress. The fabric is a butter-soft natural viscose/rayon, breathable and with sufficient weight and strength to drape properly (and machine washable!). Each seam is double-stitched and over-locked, every hem is finished with lace edging. There is a subtle floral embroidery overall. This is the dress I would make for myself if I had the time.

I tried it on and showed it to a friend on Skype, who then complimented it appropriately. Ten minutes later, in the middle of talking about something completely different, he blurts out “That dress is really hot!”

You can’t beat that for an unsolicited testimonial! I’m a 56 yr old size 3X – I’ll take “really hot” any day!

Evening Coat Dress

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