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Hate Begets Hate, A Daily Show Look At DNC Intolerance

Jon Stewart

Ah, the Daily Show. Sometimes the Daily Show manages to do something really amazing with their work. Last night, they showed something that, well, some of us are actually aware of. The Democratic Party can be a bit intolerant when it comes to reactions from others. In many ways, the Democratic Party can be intolerant of people when they are not willing to discuss issues in a rational manner or with facts.

Part of what the Daily Show team showed, though, is part of the escalation of the attacks from the other side. When one has to deal with being constantly demonized by the other side, it tends to escalate into demonization coming out from this side. Many people may remember that, after the shooting at the Family Research Council’s headquarters this year, the anti-gay groups were busy attacking the LGBT Community and playing the victim. What they did not want to hear is that years of being demonized by those groups caused anger in our Community to boil over.

The never ending stream of attacks- calling gays pedophiles, women sluts, Democrats pinkos- eventually leads to the demonization of the other side by the same people who are being attacked by those on the Right.



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