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Rev. Jesse Jackson Says ‘I Will’ To Performing Same-Sex Wedding

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina appears to have been incredibly successful for President Barack Obama given the huge increase in donations coming his way and the large bounce in the polls. It was also something of a success for the LGBT Community given that the DNC highlighted a lot of LGBT rights issues, and both Jared Polis and Tammy Baldwin spoke.

It is also notable for something that has come out afterwards. Reverend Jesse Jackson informed reporters that he had no issues with performing a marriage for a same-sex couple. Jackson even stated that he has no problems with same-sex marriage and that “Beginning with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to the inclusion of blacks, Hispanics, 18 year olds, and women, opportunities are now unlimited.”

Jackson also told reporters when asked if he would perform a same-sex wedding, he stated “If I was asked to.” Back in May, Jackson told TIME “We’re taught that being gay is a sin to be overcome through conversion. Without that you go to Hell. If your theology is rooted in that view, then there’s not much room to grow.”

Jackson’s attitudes towards homosexuality may have changed within the last year. In April 2011, Tommy Bennett alleged that Jackson harassed and fired him from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition due to Bennett being openly gay.



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