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Support Marriage Equality? Abortion Rights? No Communion For You!

Newark Archbishop John J. Myers sent out a pastoral statement urging Catholics to vote “in defense of marriage and life”, and claimed that the passage of same-sex marriage laws might lead to a government crackdown of religious freedoms. Myers claimed that the statement was not timed to coincide with the November election.

Myers also stated that those who support abortion rights and same-sex marriage should “refrain from receiving Holy Communion.” He also said “It’s not 100 percent for either party. The basic point is that we must defend what we believe to be the truth. That includes voting, speaking out, contacting officials.”

The pastoral letter is set to be handed out across the archdiocese this upcoming weekend. According to Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski, “It appears that the archbishop is treading awfully close to the line. I’m sure he is not crossing the line. I just think it’s an unfortunate coincidence in timing. … You’d have to ask the archbishop why the letter doesn’t come out in March or December.”



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One Response to Support Marriage Equality? Abortion Rights? No Communion For You!

  1. Herald

    September 27, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    I read the entire 16 page letter and it is something else. Among the sources cited is Mark Regnerus, that might give you an idea of the spin he puts on the issues. If you want to read it you can here,

    What is even sadder but predictable is that he has lots of company. In a Youtube video titled Bishop Paprocki: Voting Democratic puts Soul at Risk, Party backs “Intrinsic Evils” he says just that!

    Omaha Archbishop George Lucas gets in on it as reported by JoeMyGod

    They are definitely IMO not spreading the love of Christ and seem to be crossing that line the Assemblyman spoke of.