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The World’s Biggest QR Code


The Kraay Family Farm QR corn maze


The Kraay family farm outside of Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, has grown a corn maze for the past 13 years. The Kraay mazes are famous in Canada, and have celebrated sports teams and their province. This year, they went for something high tech.

This year’s maze is roughly 185 yards to a side, 33,500 square yards. It was laid out in the shape of a QR code, those funny symbols that can be scanned by a smartphone for a variety of apps. To prove that the maze is a legitimate QR code, the family hired a helicopter, flew over the maze and stuck a smartphone out of the window. The phone called up the family’s website.

People travel from all over Canada and the American Midwest to go through the mazes every year for a fee. The smart ones go to the family website, print out the aerial view of the maze and create a map for themselves.

I don’t own a smartphone, so I can’t tell you if you can scan this photo with yours, but the folks at Guinness World Records were convinced that the real thing works. The maze has been given two world record listings, as largest corn maze and largest QR code.










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