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PHOOEY! Commercial Baby Carriers NOT Made For Big Moms

Night Sky by ErgoBaby

As a first time mother (and having no extra money for luxury items) I’m finding the world of BABY very frustrating.

There are certain baby items that I can’t use because I’m a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). A baby carrier is one of those items and this bothers me to no end. I am missing out on bonding with my son because commercially made baby holders are not made for women of my size.

When my son was small I could hold him in a baby sling, but I couldn’t move or do anything because he would wake up or slide out under my arm. I’ve wanted a commercial baby holder like all the other moms. WAAAH!

I’ve checked stores and measurements and (besides being insanely expensive) they usually say this:

  • Fit: Classic Fit
  • Shoulder straps: Expanding from 24” to 45”
  • Waist strap: Expanding from 26” to 55”
  • Chest strap: Sliding adjustment

…and that is nice, but I’m larger than that. Not by much, but still.

Outback by ErgoBaby

It bothers me that baby companies don’t realize that 1. big women get knocked up too, 2. sometimes women don’t fit into the 24″X55″ box. My son is only 1y/o and he’s already very independent, in addition to being in the 98% of his height/weight for his age (he’s a mutant). By not having something to keep him attached to me I fear I’m losing a very important part of his development. Mommy Time.

*heavy sigh*

I really need Corporate America/fashion designers to realize that they will make more profits from their customers if they provide larger sizes for the masses. There are more large people in the world than skinny. It is time for the fashion industry to catch up and start mass producing larger sizes for everything, especially items for snuggling with the newest generation of consumers. Its not like this is Rocket Science to figure out.



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