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“Pot Doesn’t Cause Cancer” Study Widely Ignored

Donald Tashkin, professor of Pulmonology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, should have become very famous when his study on the effects of Marijuana use was reported because of the findings, but alas he was not.

See, Tashkin has been an advocate of Marijuanause because of his findings in studies done on the healing herb over multiple years/studies.

Marijuana reported that “…the annoying thing about science—as Richard Nixon learned when he ordered an investigation of marijuana risks back in 1972—is that sometimes it tells you things you don’t want to hear. Tashkin’s findings were the opposite of what NIDA expected. His work indicated that increased pot use alone, despite causing some damage to respiratory cells, doesn’t increase the risk of lung and pharyngeal cancer.

Tobacco smokers, in contrast, were found to be at a greater risk the more they smoked. Amazingly, people in Tashkin’s control group, who smoked both tobacco and marijuana, were found to be at slightly lower risk than their tobacco-only counterparts.”

Sooooo, Why was this ignored by almost the entirety of the Media?

For the full story, go HERE.



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