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Ruben Diaz Sr Tries To Spin NOM’s Squandering of Millions

New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr has issued one of his little missives to try and spin the idea that the campaign from his backers at the National Organization for Marriage was some kind of victory. Diaz wrote in his missive:

As you know, gay marriage became law in New York thanks to four Republican Senators – Stephen M. Saland, Roy J. McDonald, James S. Alesi, and Mark Grisanti – who dared to jump ship and join the Democratic Senators who voted for gay marriage. Because of their votes on gay marriage, the four of them suffered defeat, near loss, and embarrassment. Their votes on gay marriage may very well decide a shift in power in the State Senate.

Out of the four Senators, James Alesi’s and Roy McDonald’s votes for gay marriage have ended their careers.

Senator Alesi, after seeing the polls and the writing on the wall, decided not to pursue re-election and dropped out of the Senate race. The reason is because of his vote in favor of gay marriage. He knew he’d get beaten up.

Senator Roy McDonald lost his primary because of his vote for gay marriage.

Senator Saland won the Republican Primary but suffered badly – an embarrassment for sure. He almost lost the Republican Primary because of his vote for gay marriage. Yes, he was defeated at the Conservative Primary.

Senator Grisanti won his Primary race, not by much, but he’s still not out of the woods. He has to face a Conservative Party Candidate and a Democratic Party Candidate in the General Election and he may lose … all because of his vote for gay marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage spent millions of dollars to try and unseat these people. If Saland and Grisanti go down in the general elections, they will go down to Democrats, not Conservatives given that the Conservative and Republican votes tend to be split. So, apparently Diaz wants to bolster the Democrats, right?

He goes on to say:

So no matter how you spin it, the facts are the facts: two out of four Senators who voted for gay marriage are out of commission.

Here in the Bronx, even though no one may be talking about it, I supported three State candidates and one Judicial candidate based upon their positions on gay marriage.

Luis Sepulveda won the Democratic Primary by a large margin. Mark Gjonaj won his Democratic Primary, and even though you can spin it to say that he won because of accusations against Naomi Rivera for possible misuse of taxpayers’ money, he won with my support which I gave him well before any scandals made it to the press. I also, supported Manny Tavarez, a political unknown, without campaign funds, who ran for the first time and he got 30% of the vote – not bad for a beginner. Judge Fernando Tapia was supported by me, and he will become a Bronx Supreme Court Judge.

These are all from the Bronx, where Diaz has his power base, so crowing about them is not really that big a deal, and having two assemblymen in there that support Diaz’ hatred of gays won’t help his handlers at NOM.

Diaz went on to finish with:

And now, as the General Elections take place, I plan to see how many people will cross party lines, especially in the Hispanic community, and not vote for Democrats, not vote for Republicans – and see how many votes we can bring to the Conservative Party line. Whatever it is, you can bet that the Conservative Party line in New York City will get more votes than ever before.

Spin it any way you want, but to all the gay marriage supporters and to all who listened to the promises and the bragging about what would take place after the gay marriage vote passed – especially Senators Stephen Saland, Roy McDonald, James Alesi, and Mark Grisanti: “You all suffered a big loss.”

The fact that Diaz had to inflate his victory with three people that are within his power base to try and claim a victory is rather pathetic. What is more, Saland, McDonald, Alesi and Grisanti all knew that they were falling on their own swords. They knew that they risked their careers for equality.

Unfortunately for Diaz, he doesn’t have the stones to actually risk his career for his convictions or to walk away over his convictions. Apparently power is more important to Diaz than his beliefs.



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2 Responses to Ruben Diaz Sr Tries To Spin NOM’s Squandering of Millions

  1. Chutney

    October 5, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I smell a poser.

  2. Shevmonster

    October 5, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Diaz is lying about Alesi. Alesi got himself caught up in some crazy situation where he was suing one of his constituents over something really stupid and it went viral in his district. Even though Alesi dropped the suit and apologized it was too late to recover politically. Alesi may have lost due to his marriage vote, but we will never know because the lawsuit made it impossible to win. Diaz would be well aware of the true reasons Alesi dropped out.