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Saturday Shopping in Vermont: Art in the Park

If you’ve ever gone to Vermont in the Summer/early Fall you’ve probably heard of The Chaffee Art Center’s “Art in the Park” that happens bi-annually.

This weekend it is happening again. October 6-7th in Main Street Park. Its right on the main road through Rutland, VT. You can’t miss it. As you drive through on Main St. (AKA Route 7) you will see a park filled with a field of white tents. What is under those white tents?

Well, to truly know all the wonder that is Art in the Park, you’ll just have to stop in and explore. But if you can’t make it, I’ll tell you.

Those white tents hide …a wonderland of ART.

Art all made by local artists/crafters and it is ALL for sale. And when I say “Art”, I’m not talking about pretty paintings of trees in the fall (they have those too, but), I’m talking everything from paintings, to stained glass creations, metal-works, dolls, toys, mirrors, gift baskets, hand-made ornaments for the upcoming holidays, window decor, furniture, holidays wreaths, and locally grown/made jams/jellies/food-stuffs. And don’t think that is all they have…there is more.

(Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream always has a cart set up throughout the event in the direct center of everything. Because they know you prefer to shop while scarfing down ice cream.)

AND because this event usually happens on the Saturday of the local Farmer’s Market, DownTown, they offer horse-drawn wagon rides to customers/tourists who want to visit both events to shop, but don’t want to/can’t make the walk up/down the large hill between the two events. This wonderful horse-drawn wagon ride is free for the events. The horse does takes breaks, is well cared for through-out the days and yes, he has someone hired to follow him and clean up his….”public dungs”. We don’t want out pedestrians to be walking in horse crap while shopping in our town.

For some of these artisans the income from these sales will go to stock their fridges for the winter, clothe their children for the school year, or make it so they are able to afford heat for the oncoming Winter.

This event is run by the Chaffee staff (one very courageous woman), board members and many local volunteers. What do these helpful people get for all their hard work? A heart-felt ‘Thank You’ from the community and Chaffee, and a groovy t-shirt to remember their time at the event. This weekend you will see them wearing a yellowish-orange tie-dyed design.

If you are in Vermont this weekend, please stop by Rutland’s own Art in the Park and buy something to remember us by and help out a local artist. Thank you, from one of the artists that couldn’t attend this year.



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