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The Karma of Saving a Life

Duke, guarding “his” baby from reporters


The night of October 7, in Portland CT, the Brousseau’s family dog named Duke jumped on his owners’ bed, shaking, terrified. Now Duke had always been a sweet, obedient dog after the family rescued the pup from a shelter six years earlier, so the couple figured something was wrong. They checked their 9-week-old daughter Harper, and found she had stopped breathing. Frantic call to 911, and the EMT’s were able to start Harper breathing again.

While doctor’s aren’t sure why the little girl stopped breathing, she has recovered nicely, and her owners credit Duke with saving her life. Had he not alerted them, they would have simply gone to sleep.

Kudos to Duke. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, look at saving the life of a shelter dog. He might just end up saving you.





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