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Anti-Gay Lawyer Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Lisa Biron is a lawyer associated with the anti-LGBT group Alliance Defending Freedom. Biron, who is from Manchester, NH, was arrested on child pornography charges. Allegedly, Biron took a teenage girl to Canada, convinced her to engage in sexual acts, and filmed it. She has also been charged with transportation with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, possession of child pornography and five counts of sexual exploitation of children.

Two witnesses have also claimed that Biron has been seen with mirjuana, cocaine and ecstasy, and when the FBI searched her home, they discovered 200 rounds of ammunition. Prosecutor Helen Fitzgibbon also stated that Biron allegedly texted the man who she accuses of turning her into police that he would have to watch his back “FOREVER”.

The man allegedly saw child pornography on Biron’s computer, and after officers obtained a search warrant, a forensic search of her computer was done and then she was arrested after investigators discovered pornographic materials involving children.

The ADF has long been defending marriage inequality statutes including Prop 8.



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