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ART BREAK: For a Bullied Friend

This morning I was talking to a close friend and discovered that, once again, he was bullied walking outside last night. The bullies were random strangers that had decided to throw eggs at him, spit on him, called him hateful names and other horrible acts of hatred. Why did this happen to my friend? Why did strangers decide to do this?

My only guess would be because he “looks” different. He doesn’t buy his clothes from Wal-mart, like the rest of the people in this town. He has styled hair, unlike most people in this town. He doesn’t walk like he has an iron rod stuck up his spine. In other words, he doesn’t “look” straight.

This bothers me to no end and there is very little I can do about it now. What I can do is try to cheer up my broken friend. Hun, this one’s for you. A little beauty and amusement back in your life courtesy of me. Love you.




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